Wedding Fun

A friend of mine got married over the weekend and asked if I could help out with a few things.


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She begged and borrowed ladders, crates, and lanterns from friends and family for all the decorations. Add in some mason jars, tons of babies breath, Christmas lights, twine and tulle, and it really a pretty easy and inexpensive reception.

I helped with the banners and signs for the food tables, a simple cake topper, and flowers. It turned out to be a great couple of days creating and decorating!


Because I’m super cheap, I made the banners out of brown lunch bags and cardstock. I printed the letters on my computer using Veteran Typewriter font from I just trimmed to bags down to one layer, cut the ends at an angle, tore the cardstock edges, glued the letters down, and used one of the folds already in the bag to glue it all to twine.

One note about tearing cardstock- To get the rough edge to show, you have to tear it like is shown in the photo. Otherwise, you get a torn edge, but you don’t have the raw paper, too. From a distance I’m sure no one noticed, but if you’re doing something up close, make sure you tear the edge you’re discarding toward you. Then you’ll have the right look.


This is my interpretation of a wire cake topper she had seen and loved. Super simple. I had the heavy gauge wire in my garage from who knows what, and some leftover spray paint from painting my house numbers. I drew out how I wanted the letters to look to use as a template and got to bending. Quick and easy.


The flowers were my favorite. It was so fun to flex those design muscles, but I was super nervous about her liking them. I got from her inspiration photos that she wanted something relaxed and flowing. This is what I came up with. I had sent her pictures of the other projects as I worked on them, because I was pretty confident she’d love them, but I was nervous about the flowers and didn’t show her until the day of. I’m still not sure how she felt about them, but I know she loved everything else, plus, if she got them on the day of and hated them, she’d be too busy to care too much! Hopefully…

Anyway, that was last week. It was a ton of fun to ignore my house and make a huge mess for someone! Plus, it got my wheels turning for my sister’s wedding coming up in February.

I also had some people tell me I should plan parties. I responded by laughing in their faces. My momma raised me well.

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  1. Hey it all looks amazing! I am sure she loved it all! I am so lucky to have such a talented friend! Just wish you lived closer!

  2. This reception was gorgeous!! The rustic feel reminded me of my own wedding. You did a seriously fabulous job with the flowers and signs 🙂 And the cake topper is so creative!

  3. just beautiful. And what’s not to LOVE about those flowers? The only difference I see between them and the inspiration phots is the choice of yellow roses. Otherwise, the “mood” is just the same.

  4. I loved it ALL!! You seriously were amazing and eased a lot of stress for this bride. You really should be a party planner/wedding planner/doeverythingplanner 🙂