Waterproofing a Shower

This project is making me tired. The tile is currently up, but I need to chisel out the mortar between the tiles and scrape the drips off so we can grout, but I just can’t find the motivation! I think today will be the day.

In the meantime, here’s some photographic evidence of what to do after demo.

There are a lot of things I think I can do on my own, and even attempt, but cutting and hanging cement board was one of those things I knew I’d need some extra muscle for, so this got done during Thanksgiving week. The day after my poor hubby had spent the day very physically ill in bed.

I’m nice like that.


And even that day we got this far and quit. Two walls done, back wall still in insulation.

You are supposed to be able to score and snap cement board, and I’m sure if I’d had a better scoring tool, it wouldn’t have taken as long. So, don’t be like me and use a utility knife. Be smarter than me and buy a scoring tool.


One quick Google search of “scoring tool for cement board” brought this right up.

You’ll also need special cement board screws if cement board is the way you go. Keep that in mind.


I got all gung ho one day and hung those last couple of pieces. I think what got us frustrated was we had one piece of board that was more difficult to score and we just lost the drive.

So, anyway, next you have to tape and mud the joints and screws. In drywalling, you use specific materials for that. The same is true here. There is a specific tape for cement board, and then you mud with your thinset/mortar.


Like so.


The next item on the to do list (after you’ve let the mortar dry for a day) is waterproofing. I was a little fanatical about this since a leak is what got us here in the first place.

I used this product. I ended up using a paintbrush to do the whole thing. The directions say you can use a roller. It calls for two coats, which left me about 1/4 of the bucket left, so you better believe I just painted the last of that on as well! Especially the corners. I’m a little nervous about the corners.

It goes on a lovely shade of pink and dries to an even lovelier shade of red.


Plus it looks a little purple over the mortar. It was feeling pretty Valentine’s Day-ish in there!

We scheduled Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as our new tile day, barring anyone waking up with a stomach bug. And let me tell you, it was close! Two of my kids had stomach bugs the week leading up and I was sure I was going to get it! But, we made it and got most of the tiling done that day.

I have a photo of the RedGard dry and the tile partly up since I didn’t get a shot of the walls in all their red glory.


This project is up and down for me. There are really exciting and satisfying moments, and then there are boring and tedious parts. But we’re coming down the home stretch and I know I will be so glad when it is done.

I won’t have to share my boys’ bathroom with them, even if it is one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Style-wise. Not function wise. Ew.

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