Thrifted Winter Porch

As promised, I did a little sewing and made some new pillow covers for my front porch.

front without numbers

I went from this terrible photo of my very Christmas porch (which I loved! The porch, not the photo.)…


to this (hopefully) more winter looking porch. The stack of shirts and a blazer turned into some nice pillows. I also switched the wool blanket of my Grandma’s with some wool that I inherited when she downsized to live with us. Now the blanket can actually be used as a blanket!

The tree got a little makeover, too, with some sleds, mittens, gloves, and stockings. I threw a grapevine garland on there for good measure. Pathetically enough, I had all that in my attic. I still hold that I don’t have a Christmas problem.


The corner by the door got an addition of a doll-sized sled (my mom’s) and some twigs cut from the trees in our backyard. The lantern and turned post were thrifted, the square wreath with the red berries I’ve had for a looooong time, and the greens are from an artificial tree.

That’s one of my favorite cheap-skate tricks. Any greenery found around my house is from a Goodwill tree left over from our December wedding reception 14 years ago. It’s the kind that you have to insert the individual branches. I had used some of the branches in a porch decoration in our old house where we had an opossum that felt the need to mark his territory. Those got thrown away (obviously) and the rest get used as loose greenery on the mantle, piano, top of the fridge, table, porch, put in vases, … basically wherever needs a little green. You can find thrifted trees for about $10, at least in my experience.

OK, so maybe the fact that I’ve been carrying around the remnants of a Christmas tree for that long is a sign of a problem.

But! I used the base pole of that tree to put together the tree for the porch this year, since the pole of the tree that was my Grandma’s that is the porch tree was too tall, so I used the old pole and her branches!

Yeah, I see the problem.

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  1. Great job! I love the looks of the fabrics you chose. I have yet to put winter decorations. We have a bunch of laminated snowflakes from the past couple of years that I need to get out.–Yes, that’s about as festive as I get for winter. Also, I think I’m in denial. 🙂
    Hey–maybe now that we have morning church, we can make and hang snowflakes tomorrow afternoon! Perfect.

  2. Sarah, you are amazing! I read your article on guns and thought you did a very good job with it. Then…..I started looking around and couldn’t stop. Your blog is very fun and your instructions are so easy to follow. I love that you told what products you used. I am a thrift junky, too! The DI is my best friend. Now that I’m here in Utah and sold all Don’s tools when I moved, I wish I hadn’t. I’m in a condominium with no garage or fun work space, but there is always the kitchen floor to build things on. I’m in Pleasant Grove and love it. My son, Shawn and family, lives about 2 miles from me. Your kids are so adorable and Brandon is still so handsome. Much Love, Patti Dickerson