Thrift Store Frames

I knew when I started tackling the boys’ bathroom I wanted a collage of uplifting, spirit-prompting quotes on the wall. I mean, sometimes they’re in there for a while and … you know, they need something to read. I’m just providing a needed service here!

I wanted the frames to be white because what was going in them was going to be colorful and the blue I chose for the walls is pretty bold, so white would keep it calm. I looked at frames whenever I thought about it if I happened to be at a store, but $10-$15 a piece for at least 8 frames added up quickly. I wanted real wood frames at rock-bottom prices.

Then one day I was driving past my local thrift-store and decided to stop and see what they had. Um, score! The first stop in I got 6 wood frames all for under $1 each!


I sanded and primed (Zinsser 1-2-3) and painted (Sherwin-Williams ProClassic in Extra White Semi-Gloss. Only ever buy S-W paint when it’s on sale) them along with a few other small projects for that bathroom and decided I needed six more to fill the wall space.

(Look! That’s the pew I used the PolyShades on! That’s a more accurate look at the shade of the vanity.)

I made another stop into the thrift store, picked up six more frames and repeated the painting process.

Then I sat down with a pile of the magazine our church puts out for our teenagers and pulled out all the word art quotes that are printed there, put them in the frames and lined the frames up on the floor how I wanted them on the wall.


I used a level and a chalk line to mark a straight line on the wall as a guide and blue sticki-tac on the bottom corners so they don’t move.

Cost for frames – about $10

Paint and primer I already had floating around my house.

I like it! And now my boys have something to read if they happen to forget a book.

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  1. Sometimes her husband forgets his phone, which is where all his reading material is. This helps him, as well.

  2. Awesome!!! I have a stack of frames I am wanting to use in Charlotte’s room. This just lit a fire under me to get it done! Looks great! And what a great idea to use the already made word art from the New Era. Genius!