Thrift Store Finds

I know just as well as anyone that thrifting is hit and miss. For me, a lot depends on the area where I live. There are some great thrift stores where I live now, but I’ve also lived in places where the thrifting was very sad. So, I’m thrilled that I can find things here!

This is the haul from a recent trip to the Goodwill.


I have been searching for a white button up for a while now, so when I saw this one, I grabbed it. There are some braided accents on the shoulders that I didn’t love, and the cheapskate in me wondered if it was worth the $6 to take it home and fix it. But in the end, the desire to end the search won out. I took the braid things off by using a seam ripper and sewed the seams back up with my sewing machine. And now I love it!

The maroon shirt (or whatever the trendy name for that color is now) was a no brainer, because #gocougs. Also, it was half off of $3.99, so even though I took it in about an inch on each side, it was totally worth for $2!

I’ve decided I need to pick up lanterns whenever I see them because I might be starting an obsession there, and the same goes for anything silver, thus the silver butter tray (although this one ended up being silver-plated).

The florally shirt is not me at all, but screamed my sister, so when she stops in next, I’ll see if she agrees with me.

The mask I thought would be a great alternative to my normal witch Halloween costume, and not pictured was a light saber that couldn’t be put down long enough to get in the photo.

Total spent: about $25. (I can’t find the receipt for the exact amount. Story of my life.)

Not too shabby, I think.


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  1. I always think I will stop by the thrift stores more, I love a good thrift store fine. Usually feel like I am in such a hurry to get in and out with what I need that I never take the time. You are going to inspire me to take time to look!

  2. I always feel so happy when I find things, too! Also, I repeat in my mind “Don’t take home a project,” because most of the time it takes me a long time to get around to fixing those few things that bugged me!
    What are your favorite thrift stores around here?

    1. There are screaming deals at Palouse Treasures, but very small selection. Goodwill has a much bigger selection, but you can’t find pants for $1.50. It’s all hit and miss, really! And, for me to take it home and fix it, it has to be something I’ve been looking for for a long time, even if it isn’t perfect, or something I really like. That’s really the only reason those two shirts came home with me at all. Thanks for reading!