Shower in Progress

I have this really terrible habit of assuming projects will be faster than they actually are. Take this particular project, for example.

I had originally planned that we would do this over Thanksgiving break because my husband had the whole week off. But he was gone on a trip for the first two weeks of November and felt that he really needed to work at least half of the week so he didn’t fall too far behind at work.

I figured I could handle that. We had already had our Thanksgiving dinner early with my sister, so I could do the demo and prep work while he worked Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday, and then we would get everything done the rest of Wednesday through Saturday. Done. Easy.


See, we have this Thanksgiving tradition I didn’t take into account.

Someone gets sick.


This year’s lucky participant just happened to be the person whose help I really needed! But, instead, he spent Thursday with a nasty stomach bug.

He rallied some on Friday to help with the plumbing and getting most of the Hardibacker hung, but then we ran into a couple of pieces that must have been a little more “set” than the rest because it took FOREVER to get those sheets scored enough to break.

And then we ran out of energy.

So this is what our bathroom has looked like for the last two-plus weeks.



Add in Christmas parties and being asked to help decorate for two different events for church, and my poor bathroom has been neglected.

I’ve even been forced to share my boys (admittedly beautiful, but still) bathroom.

So yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I had been able to do the scoring and snapping of a couple of sheets myself, so as long as I didn’t run into any of those impossible sheets, I should be able to hang the last couple of pieces myself.

And I did!



I even got it taped yesterday and bought some pre-mixed thin-set to mud the seams. In between elementary school class parties and middle school choir concerts, I’ll get the thin-set on and paint on the water-proofer.

Then, in our spirit of fun holiday activities, we’ll spend a day next week putting the tile up. We really now how to party.

Merry Christmas to you!

Please take my advice and don’t start a big project during the holidays.


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  1. Can you come do a few of my projects too??? I think your progressing faster than me. Some of the things your husband will do to get out of a little!

  2. You get that bad habit from your uncle! We are now coming down the home stretch with our bathroom remodel, but it has been AGES. Can’t wait to see your results!

  3. and go against Murphy’s Law… we have disasters like the hot water tank that blows just before Christmas Eve guests are due to arrive…or… the car won’t start just before we’re due somewhere all dressed up, etc., and it isn’t just a battery quick start… but something else more major to deal with… etc., etc., etc.

  4. I feel like I should come help with the shower since I recruited you to help with the ward party. I can paint or mud the seams with you. I’ll need to learn this stuff because I see our shower may need it soon as grout keeps chipping off whenever I clean it.

    1. It was a lot of fun helping plan the party! I’m not complaining, plus it gave me a reason to avoid the shower until I did have the motivation to start again. I’ll let you come over and help grout though. Faulty grout is what got us into this situation in the first place!

  5. After untold projects, on our “money pit” house, I have learned that it always takes longer and costs more. This is true no matter what you original estimates. I am anxious to see how your project turns out. Are you going to use a film membrane or a paint on membrane for waterproofing your backer board?