Installing a New Light Fixture

AND bye bye popcorn ceiling!

Whoever built my house loved fluorescent tube light fixtures and couldn’t decide on a ceiling texture they liked. We’ve got a little of everything in this house, from popcorn to knockdown to brush method. It’s a little zany.

My husband’s office was one of the lucky popcorn rooms, and that surely had to go. Our walls have a pretty heavy orange peel texture, so I didn’t want to scrape it flat. I thought that would look weird. I decided to just knock the heaviness of the popcorn off and see how that looked.



Maybe you can see the difference here. Scraped on the right, not on the left.

I was pretty happy with it so I went ahead and scraped the whole ceiling. I just used a 3 or 4 inch putty knife to do the whole thing then gave it a coat of Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

It’s a messy job. Wear a facemask.

The next thing that absolutely had to go was the light fixture. It was the worst. I think a nightlight would have been brighter.


Observe. It actually looks larger in this photo than it really was. It was pathetic.


I replaced it with this lovely.

Changing out a light fixture seems intimidating. Working with anything to do with electricity is scary to me, but this I can handle.

Step 1 – Turn off the power.

Step 2 – Double check that the power is off.

Proceed with removing the old light fixture. They’re held up by a couple a screws, so you just need a stepladder and a screwdriver.

The wires from the fixture and the wires from the house will be joined by a wire cap that is just twisted on. Twist those off. The wires from the fixture will most likely be wrapped around the house wires and come apart pretty easily.

Put that light fixture in a place it won’t get broken so you can take it to your local Habitat for Humanity store, then get your pretty new fixture out. Unless you bought your pretty fixture second-hand, there will be helpful instructions in the box.

This post from The Family Handyman is also very helpful and has some additional trouble-shooting. We’re big fans of The Family Handyman around here.


Basically, you’re just matching wire colors. Then you’ll uncerimoniously shove the wires back into the box and screw the fixture to the mounting bracket. If your old fixture didn’t have a mounting bracket, a new one will come in your box or you can pick one up at your local hardware store.


Nice work clothes.


Installing the missing bracket.


Connecting wires.


Shoving the wires into the box and a weird hair situation.


Ready to secure.


Pretty! And pretty easy. I bought my fixture from Home Depot from the comfort of our office chair. It was half price that day. I also looked at and was tempted by quite a few at Just do a little online shopping and find something you love at a price you love.

You can do this!





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