Thrifting for Decor

Phew, that last post was heavy! Let’s lighten things up with a sneak peak at a project in the works.

front without numbers

This is what my front porch looks like right now, except the grass is covered with snow!!! It was a lot of fun to put together for Christmas. I raided my mom’s fabric stash and wrapped the pillows and cushions with Christmas fabric and a wool blanket of my Grandma’s. I really love it, but now that Christmas is over, it SCREAMS Christmas a little too much. I need to tone it all down for winter.

So I’m starting with this….



A a wool blazer, a lovely collection of worn plaid shirts, and a terribly shaped cable-knit sweater, all for under $3 a piece. They are going to be the new pillow covers.

I’m keeping a look out for some antique looking skis, sleds, and ice skates as well.

I think that’ll get me through the winter.

I’ll let you know how it’s going on Friday. See you then!


Thrift Store Frames

I knew when I started tackling the boys’ bathroom I wanted a collage of uplifting, spirit-prompting quotes on the wall. I mean, sometimes they’re in there for a while and … you know, they need something to read. I’m just providing a needed service here!

I wanted the frames to be white because what was going in them was going to be colorful and the blue I chose for the walls is pretty bold, so white would keep it calm. I looked at frames whenever I thought about it if I happened to be at a store, but $10-$15 a piece for at least 8 frames added up quickly. I wanted real wood frames at rock-bottom prices.

Then one day I was driving past my local thrift-store and decided to stop and see what they had. Um, score! The first stop in I got 6 wood frames all for under $1 each!


I sanded and primed (Zinsser 1-2-3) and painted (Sherwin-Williams ProClassic in Extra White Semi-Gloss. Only ever buy S-W paint when it’s on sale) them along with a few other small projects for that bathroom and decided I needed six more to fill the wall space.

(Look! That’s the pew I used the PolyShades on! That’s a more accurate look at the shade of the vanity.)

I made another stop into the thrift store, picked up six more frames and repeated the painting process.

Then I sat down with a pile of the magazine our church puts out for our teenagers and pulled out all the word art quotes that are printed there, put them in the frames and lined the frames up on the floor how I wanted them on the wall.


I used a level and a chalk line to mark a straight line on the wall as a guide and blue sticki-tac on the bottom corners so they don’t move.

Cost for frames – about $10

Paint and primer I already had floating around my house.

I like it! And now my boys have something to read if they happen to forget a book.


Thrift Store Finds

I know just as well as anyone that thrifting is hit and miss. For me, a lot depends on the area where I live. There are some great thrift stores where I live now, but I’ve also lived in places where the thrifting was very sad. So, I’m thrilled that I can find things here!

This is the haul from a recent trip to the Goodwill.


I have been searching for a white button up for a while now, so when I saw this one, I grabbed it. There are some braided accents on the shoulders that I didn’t love, and the cheapskate in me wondered if it was worth the $6 to take it home and fix it. But in the end, the desire to end the search won out. I took the braid things off by using a seam ripper and sewed the seams back up with my sewing machine. And now I love it!

The maroon shirt (or whatever the trendy name for that color is now) was a no brainer, because #gocougs. Also, it was half off of $3.99, so even though I took it in about an inch on each side, it was totally worth for $2!

I’ve decided I need to pick up lanterns whenever I see them because I might be starting an obsession there, and the same goes for anything silver, thus the silver butter tray (although this one ended up being silver-plated).

The florally shirt is not me at all, but screamed my sister, so when she stops in next, I’ll see if she agrees with me.

The mask I thought would be a great alternative to my normal witch Halloween costume, and not pictured was a light saber that couldn’t be put down long enough to get in the photo.

Total spent: about $25. (I can’t find the receipt for the exact amount. Story of my life.)

Not too shabby, I think.